Yuzima talks ‘Black Supremacy’ on his new LP ‘Power’

Yuzima’s new single ‘Separation’ is a shot from the machine gun of resistance against the Trump administration.
Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon: If I talked to people the way Donald Trump does, my mom...

Gay Team USA figure skater Adam Rippon blasts Donald Trump - and insists he'd refuse an invitation to the White House.

Germany : How gay and lesbian couples are still facing obstacles in parenting rights

Despite Germany allowing same-sex couples to wed from October last year, hurdles for gay and lesbian partners regarding parental rights and the civil registry have recently emerged.
Andrew Adorno

Let’s do stargazing with Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn are back again with new music video parody and this time it's Norwegian Kygo's Stargazing he has taken and created his own version.
Gay Music Chart

Gay Music Chart – 2018 – Week 03

Gay Music Chart, the LGBTQA related music videos TOP 50 actuality and most request.
Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning goes for U.S Senate seat for Maryland

The 30-year-old was convicted of the largest classified leak in U.S history.