Bryan Hawn make Zayn’s PillowTalk a lot more interesting

I'm sure that you would given anything to get a PillowTalk with Bryan Hawn - so now you can enjoy it from a distance at least.

Bryan Hawn - PillowTalk

Bryan Hawn is the guy that created his own workout routine to get his famous bobble butt and he is not keeping the secret for him self – he shares it in his popular book “The List (What the Top Fitness Models Don’t Want You To Know)” so head over there if you are dreaming to get Bryan’s bobble butt.

So your and my dream has come true – you are in for a treat – Bryan Hawn are ready for the PillowTalk – so enjoy talented and down to earth guy that makes this weekend complete.

Let see the Bryan Hawn’s parody of former One Direction member Zayn‘s PillowTalk.

Bryan Hawn with Zayn – PillowTalk Parody

(Some places is the world Sony Music Entertainment also knows as SME are blocking this video for some reason – yes SME loves to block music. So you need to use VPN or Hola plugin to be able to see it, if your country are on the block list).