Richard Tankersley stopped playing rugby because he was gay

Like thousands of Kiwi guys, he started playing rugby around the same time he started learning how to read.

New Zealand

Poofter, faggot, girl’s blouse – these are typical put downs Kiwi guys like to call each other. So when he  was putting on his boots or his cricket whites he’d know he was stepping into an environment where he had to be defensive, careful and hidden. he hung up his boots because he could no longer hide who he was so he could keep on playing.

Richard Tankersley applaud last week’s milestone announcement from New Zealand‘s major sporting codes, and he’s happy to see the leadership from NZ Rugby. But he is very interested to see how this will play out for the vast majority of New Zealanders who are not elite sportsmen and women. How will this trickle down to those not-so starry-rugby players?


Photo By Jayswipe (James N) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons