Back To Norwegian Emma (15) is young woman trapped in a boy’s body

Back in 2014, Norwegian TV2 aired a series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and 2 years has gone since then and now in Season 2 they are going back to see how the participants are doing now.

Født i feil kropp

In this season, we meet 12 young, reflected and great people aged 9 to 26 years. It will be a joyous reunion with participants from the first season and exciting encounters with new people.

Viewers will be able to follow them through their individual processes, challenges and joys on to live fully as they are.

“Født i feil kropp” // “Born in the wrong body” (Season 1 – 2014)

In season 2, we are meeting Emma again, now 15 years old and we can see that she is a normal girl like any other girl at that age. It’s so good to see that Emma has very good confidence and that is the result of supporting parents. I wish all LGBTQ kids had that kind of support from their parents.

Below, you can see Emma Ellingsen (sadly only in Norwegian), but she has become a very well known YouTuber in Norway. Emma is true role-model for other transgender kids in Norway and all around the world.

In Norway, TV2 Norway will start airing season 2 of Født i Feil Kropp on 15 February kl 21.40.

Photo By TV2 Norway