Dreaming Big With Albin Wass – and listen to his tune ‘Radio’

Albin Wass has been working with theatre since he was twelve years old. Now he has taken the step into the music world with the single ‘Radio’.

Albin Wass

The first time I heard ‘Radio’ and was asked to record it, there were no doubts. I was hooked immediately, says Albin and adds that it´s probably first and foremost a track that he himself would listen to.

– It’s a track that fits in with almost every situation in life. And what’s also cool about this track is that it has so much space for your own interpretation. He says that the song reflects that certain point in a relationship when it feels like your partner just doesn’t understand you. It´s that feeling, when no matter how hard you try to get the other person to know how you feel, they still create their own version about it.

Even if the only thing you want is that your partner would wake up and see things from your point of view, you are still stuck in that classic illusion that everything will eventually be alright. Albin means that ‘Radio’ is about that exact feeling. To drop your own ego for a while and just take in all the signals the other person is sending out. Both in love relationships and in friendships. Otherwise it easily leads to misunderstandings and that someone is feeling controlled by the other.

The song is written and produced by Anton Josefsson (MVRE, Thomas Sekelius), Gustaf Redmo, August Green (Patryk Kumor) and Johannes Timander. It’s mastered by Lars Norgren (Tove Lo, Sabina Ddumba).

The song will be distributed internationally by the start-up label Jovian Productions.

Albin Wass grew up in Kisa and has been seen in various performances at Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby, Sweden, and as Danny Zuko in the Linköping production of ‘Grease’ the musical. Albin’s music interest has always been there, along with his desire to be on stage, even though it wasn’t totally accepted where he grew up.

– I have always been told by people that I shouldn’t have such big dreams. That a guy from such a small town would never make it in showbusiness. Albin also thinks that the mistrust always, in some way, has given him an extra motivation to be brave and to try new things. Albin’s dream is to perform on the big music stages and reach out and touch as many people as possible.

– I want people to allow themselves to be in the present, here and now and afterwards feel that they can do the things that they earlier felt impossible. If there’s something I’ve learnt, it is that you can never dream too big.

Below you can listen to Albin’s beautiful tune and add it to your Spotify playlist right away – so you have it ready for this weekends party.

Albin Wass // Radio