This category is all about books that are of interest for the LGBT community, their family and friends.

Dan Russo announces the release of memoir, ‘Downtown’.
Julian Black’s “A Secret Gay Passion” hopes to prevent unnecessary pain, suffering.
A new biography of Vladimir Putin paints a picture of the Russian president as a 'traumatised' man and speculates that he might be homosexual.
In Wilson’s latest instalment, LD is struggling with being raised in a poverty stricken urban community, by a single mother who is uneducated, government aid dependent, and addicted to drugs; all while he is attempting to figure out his sexual orientation and his unwavering attraction to members of the same sex.
Robert W. Littlefield didn’t reveal he was gay until he was 46 years old. “I was very closeted. Many people suspected, but it was never discussed. I was unhappy, frustrated and kept everything bottled up,” says the author of a new book, And It was Full of Light! Finding the Courage to Overcome Homophobic Bullying and Hate.
Following up their fascinating 2014 book, “Male Sex Work and Society,” a groundbreaking collection of essays and studies on male sex work, Australian professors Victor Minichiello and John Scott are sharing the results of a recent survey they conducted of online male escort profiles around the world.
As a part of journalist Dan Savage’s project, a host of celebrities and politicians have been delivering the message to LGBTQ teens that “it gets better.” Author Kelly Huegel is here to tell you that better starts now.
Prisca Christina Yue introduces sensitive, timely topic in latest juvenile fiction tale ‘ The Lesbian ’.
Children’s book, " I Am Jazz " , by transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings increases understanding and emphasises the importance of compassion.
Top five best selling books in November demonstrate diversity in style, genre.
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