And It Was Full of Light!

Gay Author Hopes First Novel Will Bring Hope to Bullied LGBT Teens

Robert W. Littlefield didn’t reveal he was gay until he was 46 years old. “I was very closeted. Many people suspected, but it was never discussed. I was unhappy, frustrated and kept everything bottled up,” says the author of a new book, And It was Full of Light! Finding the Courage to Overcome Homophobic Bullying and Hate.
Male Sex Work and Society

New Book Reveals the Hidden History of Male Prostitution

Written for brainiacs, but also fascinating to laypeople, Male Sex Work and Society (Harrington Park Press, distributed by Columbia University Press), edited by Victor Minichiello and John Scott,is a collection of revealing essays and studies that explores male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines.
Yousef and Farhad

OutRight Action International Releases Free Download of Graphic Novel “Yousef and Farhad”

Following the Facebook serialisation of a love story Yousef and Farhad about a gay couple in Iran, OutRight Action International, the global human rights organisation, on Monday releases the full 20-page graphic novel to download for free.
Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage

Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage, New Book Now Available

Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage is a new book by long-time Chicago-based journalist Tracy Baim. The book presents an in-depth look at Obama's trajectory on gay issues, and will be available on print-on-demand through Amazon.com and ebook readers.
College Team Mate's

Author Tony Tone Releases «College Team Mate’s»

Author Tony Tone likes writing gay books, hoping to let people know and understand some of the things that happen in the gay love game. In «College Team Mate’s» (published by AuthorHouse), he reveals a steamy tale that will stimulate the readers imagination.
Flag of Vatican City

Pope Francis sends letter praising gay children’s book

Italian book that explores different family types including same sex was banned by mayor of Venice, but pontiff becomes unlikely supporter.
USA - 2012

New Book about One Man’s Experiment in Radical Empathy Holds Lessons for the Church

Timothy Kurek's "Year of Living Gay" shows need for authentic, empathetic dialogue on homosexuality, says followme.org.

Moscow invented rumours of Vladimir Putin affair with Olympic gymnast because he ‘is gay’

A new biography of Vladimir Putin paints a picture of the Russian president as a 'traumatised' man and speculates that he might be homosexual.
Jeza Belle

The Queens of “The Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails” Revealed

With six short weeks until the release of The Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails, New York City drag star, actress, comedienne, columnist, and cocktail connoisseur Jeza Belle reveals the roster of 27 international drag queens featured in her forthcoming boozy book of cocktail recipes and drunken drag tales.
Capturing Love

Same-Sex Wedding Photography Guide Celebrate Valentine’s Day

With stunning examples, visual guide debunks the myth that “same-sex couples are just like straight couples” and can be photographed the same way.
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Some people should never have been born

Donald Trump In A Birth Control Ad For Condoms…

The master piece are made by Brazilian company with the name Platinum FMD that has clearly very talented staff.
Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern left Mormon church to support LGBTQ rights

'I just remember thinking – I’m either doing a disservice to the church or my friends'
Shirtless Violinist

Stranger Things with Shirtless Violinist

Matthew Olshefski, better known as Shirtless Violinist, has released a new music video and this time it's Stranger Things.
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