Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn – Barbados

Bryan Hawn are ready for 2017 and once again we get to hear Bryan's beautiful voice in the song Barbados.
Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn’s All Time Low….

LGBTQ Music Vote 2016 nominee Bryan Hawn is back with new music video parody Jon Bellian's All Time Low.
Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn as Starboy and hotter than ever fireman

The LGBTQ Music Vote 2016 nominee Bryan Hawn has just released a new music video parody of The Weeknd's Starboy.
Bryan Hawn & Michael Anderson

Bryan Hawn and his first onscreen gay kiss

Bryan Hawn & Michael Anderson performing John Legend's "Love Me Now" by John Legend and yes the kiss is hot.
Bryan Hawn

How Will I Know That You Will Love This Bryan Hawn Cover Version ?

Bryan Hawn has just released a new musicvideo to his cover version of "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston & Sam Smith.
Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn is back after Starving us….

Bryan Hawn is out with a new video parody and this time around it's Hailee Steinfeld's Starving.
Bryan Hawn - Donald Trump

Bryan Hawn inspired by Donald Trump : Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

With the face of Donald Trump, but with the body of Bryan Hawn, a parody video of Selena Gomez's hit single Hands To Myself.
Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn the greatest

Bryan Hawn is once again out with a new music video parody and this time it's Sia's The Greatest.
Bryan Hawn - Joey Gentile

Touch Bryan Hawn Body Challenge Or Should We Just Call It Win-Win

Youtuber Joey Gentile challenged Bryan Hawn to the Touch My Body Challenge - was it really a challenge or was it just pleasure ?
Bryan Hawn - Joey Gentile

Bryan Hawn doing Ariana Grande’s Side To Side

In Bryan Hawn's newest music video parody doing Ariana Grande's Side To Side Ft. Nicki Minaj with the help of youtuber Joey Gentile.

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Donald Trump

OutRight Comments on President Trump’s First 100 Days

Today, 29th April, marks President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

SKAM : Allah and russebuss meeting at Sana’s

Labour Weekend has started and as usually on Friday - it's time for new episode of SKAM.

Spain: LGBT Asylum Seekers Abused in North African Enclave

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers in Spain’s North African enclave, Ceuta, are exposed to harassment and abuse, Human Rights Watch said today.
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