Benny and Christopher, college freshmen, meet playing football and begin a relationship.
Can you split your heart in two? can you be in love of two people at the same time? what are the consequences?
Fernando is on holiday with his closest friends in a beautiful country house in a chic suburb of Buenos Aires.
16 year old Rocco's two aims in life are to get laid and to see his favourite pop star in concert with his best friends, sassy and tomboyish Maria and nerdy and quiet Mauri.
When four friends go on a camping trip in a remote part of Argentina, sexual tensions quickly bubble to the surface.
Cosmos is the story of three friends spending a weekend in the woods where true feelings start to arise.
Sometimes it's good to kick back and watch some classics after hard week work and here are some great suggestions.
The second half of our New Queer Visions night features British short films and their makers kickstarting a richly diverse series of shorts and documentaries by our friends from the US of A in an evening of anime, sharks and country music!
New Queer Visions hits the LSFF once more, with two separate strands of with bold and diverse storytelling exploring the queer experience at home and abroad.
From the late eighties through to the late nineties, artist-filmmaker Annette Kennerley created a unique and deeply personal body of 16mm films that explored the emotional ebb and flow of lesbian relationships and sexuality.
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