Brand new from Auraeus Solito, the internationally acclaimed filmmaker of Tuli and The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, BOY is a delightful and sexy “coming-of-age” story about a young poet in Manila who discovers his sexuality and falls for a macho dancer. What begins as an erotic fascination turns into a journey about family and self-expression.
Lesbian therapists Kit and Dyna have it all: they’re a power couple, they each have a thriving practice, and they’ve published a best-selling book called “How to Succeed in Marriage Without Even Trying.”
A warm and bittersweet coming-of-age story, The Man Who Loved Yngve is a pitch-perfect reflection of the critical transformative period in any young gay man’s life. It’s 1989, the Berlin wall is about to collapse, and the airwaves are full of the sounds of REM, The Cure and Jesus and Mary Chain.
A boldly original tale of sexual power, dominance and oddly enough, love, "Twisted Romance" tells of the explosive relationship between a fragile young man and his volatile 50-year-old lover.
This intriguing thriller weaves together three different but curiously related stories centering on the mysterious disappearance of quintessential “boy-next-door” porn star Mark Anton.
A searing indictment of the Mormon Church's historic involvement in the promotion and passage of California’s Proposition 8, and the Mormon religion’s secretive, decades-long campaign against gay rights.
Tender, romantic and utterly engrossing, Watercolors charts the life-changing gay love affair between two young students. Upon arriving at his debut exhibition in New York, promising artist Danny is immediately transported back to a summer of years gone by where he met Carter, a strikingly handsome swimmer. An initial attraction soon develops into an intense and passionate affair between the contrasting students – and Carter ultimately becomes the inspiration for much of Danny’s highly charged erotic work.
Patrik, Age 1.5  is a funny, affectionate and unpredictable gay family comedy. After a seemingly endless wait, long-term gay couple Goran and Sven have had their adoption papers approved - and infant Patrik, age 1.5 is on his way!
Joan Rivers : A Piece of Work takes the audience on a year long ride with Joan Rivers in her 76th year of life; it peels away the mask of an iconic comedian, laying bare both the struggle and thrill of living life as a groundbreaking female performer.
If you weren't lucky enough to see that movie starring Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey on the festival circuit last year, you might never get to see it. "I Love You Phillip Morris" is the true story of a romance between a former cop named Steven Russell (Carrey) and his eventual cellmate (McGregor).
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