“Just Another Summer” reached No. 2 on Logo music video chart!

Yehonathan's "Just Another Summer" reached No. 2 and now you can help him to conquer the first place. Find out how.

New boyband star comes out

Pop star Duncan James from, boyband, Blue declares: 'I'm 100 percent happy to be bisexual'.
Biagio Antonacci

Italian superstar Biagio Antonacci gears up for first U.S. release

The U.S. release of Biagio Antonacci’s Il Cielo Ha Una Porta Sola (“Heaven Has Only One Door”) introduces American audiences to one of the brightest stars of the Italian European music scene. Featuring stunning re-interpretations of his biggest hits, as well as brand new material, Il Cielo is the perfect primer on Biagio’s powerful appeal as both a vocalist and a songwriter. It is his first work to be released in the U.S. in a long and stellar career.

Yehonathan – Across the Universe

New hit song from Yehonathan's album, "My Turn".

Yehonathan – My Turn – the album

Popular out-singer/recording artist, Yehonathan, brings his sexy dance beats to a whole new audience of listeners when his first, full-length English EP entitled, “My Turn,” are available on iTunes and across the web.
Michael Jackson

Madonna Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

At the same venue,  the O2 in London, where Michael Jackson was set to perform a series of  "This is it" concerts, Madonna took time out of her show last night to honour the late singer.
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson “This is it” tour rehearsal & auditions

Michael Jackson  "This is it" tour rehearsal & auditions video.

6 remixes of FAME theme song

Along with the release of the new FAME movie in September 2009 - MGM are launching 6 new remixes of the FAME theme song. They have partnered with the coolest DJ’s around to put a new spin on the old classic.

Yuzima release’s “It’s the Music Cupid” while working on LP

Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Yuzima Philip is working on a debut album titled “Its Wonderful”. Yuzima, who goes by his Swahili-derived given first name, has already released two well-received ep’s “The Cosmonaut” and “Yuzima the EP” in 2008 and 2009.
Paris Hilton's My New BFF 2

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF – S02E05

Learn From Your Mistakes. Officer Paris hauls her potential besties off to BFF Jail and enlists Three 6 Mafia to help her interrogate them.
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OKS X Drag Queen Story Time

Drag Queen Story Time Comes To Manchester

Superbia, Manchester Pride’s year round calendar of cultural lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) events, is bringing the internationally renowned craze Drag Queen Story Time to Manchester for the first time this December.

Fifteenth Nominee For LGBTQ Music Vote Alexandru with Sellotape

It's that time of year, when you are looking back and are reflecting over the year that has passed.

WA shearer set boss on fire for ‘unwanted homosexual advances’

A shearer who doused his boss in diesel fuel as he slept, then used a burning broomstick to send a fireball into his caravan cabin has been jailed for five years and four months.
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