Two young Italian girls, both dressed as bride advocating for same-sex marriage at the 2010 Gay Pride in Rome

Finland’s Lutheran Bishops’ Synod: Church weddings only for hetero couples

Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church says it will only officiate at marriages for heterosexual couples.
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Gay civil unions take effect in Italy

Italy has become the last major Western country to legalise same-sex partnerships as a much-disputed law takes effect.

Radical group Christian Concern celebrates France win over Chapin and Charpentier

European Court of Human Rights has just ruled that the French courts did not discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, when French court declared a marriage between a same-sex couple to be not valid.
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Call for Romanian same-sex marriage ban

A Romanian group that campaigns to promote traditional family values called on lawmakers to change the constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
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Important day as Italy becomes 27th European country to legally recognise same-sex couples

11 May is now a significant date for the Italian LGBTI movement. Their persistent advocacy work was rewarded today as the Italian Chamber of Deputies voted in favour of a civil union bill in a final vote.
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Switzerland rejects constitutional restriction in “penalty of marriage” vote

The Swiss electorate has voted against a popular initiative that would have effectively prevented same-sex couples from marrying. The initiative, backed by the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PDC) in Switzerland was rejected today (28 February 2016) by 50.8% to 49.2%.
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Civil union bill passes Italian Senate – but children in rainbow families get left...

Tonight, the Italian Senate (one of two parliamentary chambers) voted in favour of a Same-Sex Civil Union and Cohabitation Bill which would establish an institution of civil unions for same-sex partners and cohabitation for all couples. This is the first time that Italian parliamentarians have supported the legal recognition of same-sex couples.
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Thousands march in Rome for gay rights

Thousands of people marched in Italian cities Saturday to demand legal recognition for gay couples and their children, days before lawmakers begin addressing the deeply divisive issue.
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Greece becomes 26th European country to recognise same-sex partnerships

Greek parliamentarians approved a new civil partnership bill today which will legally recognise same-sex couples for the first time. ILGA-Europe send their congratulations to all the LGBTI organisations and politicians who have contributed to this historic result. Among 249 present parliamentarians, 194 voted for and 55 voted against this law.
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Slovenian referendum rejects marriage equality

The referendum voters in Slovenia have rejected a law to open marriage to same-sex couples with 37% of those who cast their vote were in favour of the amendment, 63% voted against it. The amendment to the Marriage and Family Relations Act will not now come into force.

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Norway imprisons gay asylum seekers claims Skeiv Verden

Norway is the second best country for gays in the world. Nevertheless, Norway imprison and deport half of homosexual asylum seekers to countries where they are killed claims Skeiv Verden.
Istanbul Pride 2012

PrideWatch2017: Istanbul Pride 2017 banned by Governor’s Office

The 2017 Istanbul Pride march has been banned by the city’s governor, one day before it was due to take place.

SKAM – Sana + Yousef = True ?

Only one episode left after this episode - can you survive without SKAM ?
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