There should be no legal age restrictions on allowing young people to identify as transgender and teachers should be given specific training in how to respond to pupils facing the situation.
The High Court in Belfast has today rejected a claim brought by a same-sex couple who got married in England and wanted to have their marriage legally recognised in Northern Ireland, and by two other couples who wished to challenge the failure of the Northern Ireland Assembly to legalise same-sex marriages.
Donald Trump this week said that transgender people would not be able to serve in the U.S military.
British leader also says she understands why LGBT+ community is worried about DUP deal.
The bus driver has been praised by a passenger for his reaction to the incident.
The 38-year-old politician will replace outgoing taoiseach Enda Kenny after winning Fine Gael leadership contest
Last year there were 1,056 same-sex marriages in the Republic of Ireland, 606 of these were male unions and were 450 female.
Human rights and LGBT rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has been named as winner of Ireland’s prestigious James Joyce Award 2016 and the recipient of an Honorary Fellowship from University College Dublin.
More than 180 same-sex marriages were registered in the first three months of 2016, according to the CSO’s latest quarterly vital statistics – the first full set since new marriage legislation came into effect.
Friends of Brazilian ‘Diel’ Andrade that passed away Monday 15th August 2016 in Dublin, are donating money to cover the funeral cost and to be able to send his ashes back to family and loved ones in Brazil
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