Major issues facing Church selected as themes for Limerick Synod

Areas of concern among some of the 4,000 respondents to a questionnaire informing the first Synod to take place in Limerick for 70 years include gay marriage and equality for gay people, themes which are “very much on the agenda” ahead of the 2016 think tank.
Yes Equality

Oireachtas Committee Approves Draft Marriage Bill For Same-sex Marriages

Ireland has moved another step closer to marriage equality this evening.

Equal marriage amendment enacted too fast, court implies

Difficulties were caused by referendum being signed into the Constitution before Supreme Court could consider a challenge to the result.
Panti Bliss

Panti Bliss got a letter that claims that the ‘Yes’ vote in referendum is...

Panti Bliss, one of the leading campaigners for the Yes vote in the marriage referendum, posted some mail she received on Twitter that has been causing a bit of a stir.
Sinn Féin

Curran condemns attack on YesEquality Office in Dublin

Sinn Féin councillor and chair of its LGBT group Chris Curran has called those who left a suspicious package at the Gay Lesbian Equality Network dangerous fools that have wasted Garda and Defence Forces time.

Irish people overwhelmingly approve marriage equality

ILGA-Europe wholeheartedly congratulates Ireland for this momentous vote in favour of equality, dignity and respect for all families.

Historic Victory for Marriage Equality in Ireland says HRC

Saturday the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organisation, hailed the historic victory for marriage equality in Ireland.
Yes Equality

Mum With Son #HomeToVote Who Put Rainbows Everywhere Explains Why

When the Irish Polls come to a close in the gay marriage referendum, the mother who put rainbows up everywhere to welcome home her son #HomeToVote explains why.
Yes Equality

Referendum in Ireland is a Clear Message to the Norwegian Church

Norwegian Christian organisation Åpen Folkekirke believes Ireland’s approval of same-sex marriage is a clear call to the Norwegian Church.
Yes Equality

Ireland made history – 62 % Yes to equality !

Referendum result gives yes vote 62% and no 38% as equality minister declares he is proud to be Irish

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Japan’s Missed Opportunity to Support LGBT Children

The Japanese government has missed an opportunity to introduce information about sexual and gender minorities to classrooms during a once-in-a-decade review of its national educational curriculum.
Daniel Mauricio

Daniel Mauricio – Mayflies

Daniel Mauricio, a Swedish musical theatre artist that has been seen in productions all over the world like ”The Lion King” in London & ”Chicago” in Copenhagen.

North East prom for LGBT youth

Young People from the North East LGBT community are being invited to the biggest party of the year, as a prom night created especially for them returns.
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