Iain Dale

Caller Says Gay Marriage A “Stain”, Iain Dale Reacts Brilliantly

Caller said former UK PM David Cameron was anti-family since he introduced gay marriage.
The United Reformed Church

United Reformed Church to allow same-sex marriages

This afternoon, Saturday 9 July 2016, the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church (URC) voted in favour of allowing its local churches to conduct and register marriages for same-sex couples. This means that the URC is now the largest UK denomination to freely permit the celebration and registration of marriages of same-sex couple in its churches.
Church Of Scotland

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay marriages for ministers

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow ministers to continue serving if they are in a gay marriage.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Northern Ireland’s LGBT community urged to vote tactically in order to keep DUP out

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) has stood staunchly opposed to a repeat of Ireland's marriage equality referendum taking place up north.
Darragh Tibbs

15 year old in NI wants to know why his parents can’t get married

A 15 year old in Northern Ireland (NI) has written to his MLA Gordon Dunne why he voted no to marriage equality in Northern Ireland, that was 6 weeks ago and he hasn't got an answer.
Arlene Foster Twitter Block

First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, blocks Yes Equality NI on Twitter

It's well known that Arlene Foster do not support Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland, but blocking the opposition is a democratic problem even it's on Twitter.
Church of England

New poll shows more Anglicans back same-sex marriage

Anglican churchgoers who support same-sex marriage outnumber those opposed to it for the first time, according to a new poll.
straight equality

High Court rules against heterosexual civil partnerships

A High Court judge, Mrs Justice Andrews DBE, this morning ruled that the government’s discrimination against opposite-sex couples by denying them access to civil partnerships is legitimate and justified.
straight equality

Time for straight equality in civil partnership law

A historic, landmark legal challenge against the UK government has begun in the High Court in London. It seeks to overturn the legislative ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships.
Arlene Foster

Northern Ireland ’s new First Minister insists gay marriage is ‘not on the agenda’

Northern Ireland made history yesterday by appointing its first ever female First Minister, who is also the youngest leader in the province’s history – but it appears this won’t change much for the progression of social issues such as gay marriage.

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Donald Trump

OutRight Comments on President Trump’s First 100 Days

Today, 29th April, marks President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

SKAM : Allah and russebuss meeting at Sana’s

Labour Weekend has started and as usually on Friday - it's time for new episode of SKAM.

Spain: LGBT Asylum Seekers Abused in North African Enclave

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers in Spain’s North African enclave, Ceuta, are exposed to harassment and abuse, Human Rights Watch said today.
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