Naomi Long

Naomi Long slams Arlene Foster over ‘childish’ reasons for gay marriage stance

DUP leader says she will continue to use petition of concern to block gay marriage and insists 'vicious' online abuse will not convince her otherwise.

First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster being anti-gay and ‘will keep blocking same-sex...

First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster has said her party will keep using the contentious petition of concern to block same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland for at least another five years.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Sinn Fein seeks DUP support for public consultation on gay marriage Bill

Sinn Fein is to seek Democratic Unionist Party support for a public consultation on a Bill to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, the party's Finance Minister has said.
Same Sex Marriage 02

NI : Peter Lynas stands proud together with Iran & Uganda against equality

Last weekend Peter Lynas, Director of Evangelical Alliance NI, was interviewed by Sky News about the same-sex marriage debate in Northern Ireland.
Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson claims Northern Ireland will soon back same-sex marriage

Northern Ireland will soon endorse same-sex marriage as public support and a parliamentary majority overwhelms barriers to change, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives predicted.
Iain Dale

Caller Says Gay Marriage A “Stain”, Iain Dale Reacts Brilliantly

Caller said former UK PM David Cameron was anti-family since he introduced gay marriage.
The United Reformed Church

United Reformed Church to allow same-sex marriages

This afternoon, Saturday 9 July 2016, the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church (URC) voted in favour of allowing its local churches to conduct and register marriages for same-sex couples. This means that the URC is now the largest UK denomination to freely permit the celebration and registration of marriages of same-sex couple in its churches.
Church Of Scotland

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay marriages for ministers

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow ministers to continue serving if they are in a gay marriage.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Northern Ireland’s LGBT community urged to vote tactically in order to keep DUP out

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) has stood staunchly opposed to a repeat of Ireland's marriage equality referendum taking place up north.
Darragh Tibbs

15 year old in NI wants to know why his parents can’t get married

A 15 year old in Northern Ireland (NI) has written to his MLA Gordon Dunne why he voted no to marriage equality in Northern Ireland, that was 6 weeks ago and he hasn't got an answer.

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Shades of Magic

Russian publisher admits censoring gay romance in U.S fantasy novel

A Russian publisher charged with translating a U.S fantasy novel has admitted removing a plot involving a gay romance.

Kuntergrau – A web series you need to see

Kuntergrau is a German web series produced on a voluntary basis as part of the youth work of Europe’s oldest LGBTQ youth centre: the "anyway" youth centre in Cologne, Germany.

Another gay murder. More police failings

Jason Marshall was found guilty on 9 August in London of murdering an elderly gay man, Peter Fasoli, who he lured on the dating app Badoo. He murdered another gay man in Italy and tried to kill a third gay man, also in Italy.
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