At what age do Kids know their gender?

Transgender campaigner and charity worker Janet Scott says that children can't choose their sex because they can't understand at that age. Christian Concern also join Jon and say that how you're born is the end of the gender debate.
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What It’s Like Growing Up With A Transgender Sibling

This is the remarkable call received by Nick Ferrari from the sister of a transgender teenager.
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Schools ‘should consider mixed-sex toilets so transgender pupils feel comfortable’

All schools should consider introducing “gender-neutral” toilets, changing rooms and uniforms to make transgender pupils feel more comfortable, teachers will be told.
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Caller Says Marriage Was Stronger After Transitioning From Male To Female

Corine says being honest with her partner of 20 years that she was a woman made their relationship stronger.
Transgender woman talks about what life was like during the troubles

Transgender woman talks about what life was like during the troubles

A transgender woman tells journalist Dean McLaughlin for BBC Foyle how difficult it was living through the troubles here.
The Transgender Woman Who Wants To Be A Mum

The Transgender Woman Who Wants To Be A Mum

This transgender woman wants to be a mum, using her own frozen sperm and when she told Shelagh Fogarty, the LBC presenter was a little lost for words.
Rihanna Cooper

‘Give me a chance’: Transgender woman Rihanna Cooper desperate for a job

A young transgender woman says she is close to despair after being unable to find work. Rihanna Cooper, 21, hit the headlines when, at 16, she became the youngest person in Britain to be accepted for gender reassignment.

Churches hit out at play depicting Jesus as transgender #BBCNolan

There is outrage among churchmen over a controversial play that depicts Jesus as transgender. Eight clerics have put their name to a letter in today's Belfast Telegraph warning Sunday's performance will cause "great offence" and have asked for it to be axed

Teenager confronts community after it taunts him for being transgender

A young man from Devon who was born a girl and suffered years of abuse, is confronting his community tonight to try to overturn prejudice against people like him.

Kellie Maloney: Transgender people do not get enough support

Like her fellow high-profile transsexual stars Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, Kellie Maloney is doing her part to raise awareness for the transgender community.
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Shirtless Violinist

Stranger Things with Shirtless Violinist

Matthew Olson, better known as Shirtless Violinist, has released a new music video and this time it's Stranger Things.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Alderney votes to legalise same-sex marriage

Politicians in Alderney have voted to legalise same-sex marriage.
Zelimkhan Bakayev

Popular Singer, Zelimkhan Bakayev, Believed To Be Victim Of Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Purge

Zelimkhan Bakayev was last seen on August 8 in Chechnya.
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