Southwark Based Homophobia Survivor, Educator and Award-winning Positive LGBT+ inclusion in Education and Communities Champion Shaun Dellenty Honoured in London.
Michael Rose, 20 and Elliot Haynes, 19, sent cruel messages to the man, as they put him through hell.
An orthodox Jewish girls’ elementary school in London has failed a government inspection for the third time because it refuses to teach students, who range in age from 3 to 8, about homosexuality and gender reassignment.
Young gay and transgender people fear a group which supports them could close after losing its council contract.
UK law criminalises more than half of all young people.
Prince William has appeared in an anti-bullying video for a charity launched in his mother’s memory, the Diana Award.
A primary school headteacher has defiantly stood up to "homophobic" parents who blasted her for staging a “gay play”.
Help hundreds of LGBT young persons have a safe space they can call their own; where they don't have to 'come out' or fear they will not fit in…
During National Student Pride weekend, Harvey Milk's nephew spoke out about how his uncle helped him come to terms with his sexuality. He also advised LGBT people to come out of the closet, and agreed that the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, needs to do more for LGBT youth.
Stonewall Youth Leader Sherelle Garwood encourages young people to come out.
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