Matthew Chen

We Can Save Medicare for Gays

If we do not act now, the failure of leadership by President Obama and Democrats in Congress will lead our Medicare system to certain bankruptcy. We can save Medicare for current seniors -- gay and straight -- and make sure it's around for today's young people by supporting Representative Paul Ryan, House Budget Chairman.
Matthew Chen

The Danger of the Obama Recession Turning into the Obama Depression

Recent reports are a grave warning sign that Washington must act now to prevent the economy from becoming much worse. They make clear the urgency with which the job-killing policies of the last 2.5 years must be replaced by pro-jobs solutions for economic growth.

Call Their Bluff on Govt. Shutdown

If serious government spending cuts can’t be made, Republicans must call Democrats’ bluff and be prepared to shut the government down. With our national debt soaring past $14.3 trillion and the deficit at historic highs, conservatives don’t have the option of blinking first in the battle for America’s soul.
Matthew Chen

Liberal Progressives Hate This…But Minorities Make the Most Money in the US

With May being "Asian-American Heritage Month," it might be appropriate to enlighten a few economic realities.
Matthew Chen

Gay Men Should Control Their Own Speech Before Trying to Control Kolbe Bryant’s

You have probably heard about Kolbe Bryant, the great professional basket player of the Los Angeles Lakers, who supposedly uttered a horrifying "gay slur" at a referee. Mr. Bryant was fined $100,000 by the National Basketball Association for hate speech and being insensitive to gays.
President Obama

Obama Needs a Job

As Americans head to the ballot box in November 2012, they will be asking themselves a fundamental question: Am I better off than I was 4 years ago?
GOP 2012

Can a Former Hillary Clinton Supporter Lead a Gay GOP Club

Recently, an article about me appeared on the web-page of  "The Sharktank".The blogger wondered aloud whether an admirer of Hillary Clinton (that would be me) has any business running a South Florida Gay Republican Club (Sunshine Republicans).
Matthew Chen

Gay Censorship of Right-wing GOP Support for Gays….

The other day I posted an op-ed regarding how younger GOP operatives must go mum on their support for gay rights when they agree to work for older, prominent GOP candidates for high-profile offices. It's called the "generational change" in the conservative Republican Party, where younger right-wingers support gay rights, but their boss does not.
Matthew Chen

Younger GOP Operatives at Odds with Candidates

It's become a political truism to say that there is a generational divide with respect to gay rights, as polling data bears out the fact that younger voters, even conservatives, are far more in favour of same-sex marriage than their elders. 
President Obama

Anti-War Progressives and Gays May Challenge Obama in 2012

If President Barack Obama submits his intervention in Libya to Congress for its approval and he was still Senator Barack Obama, he would vote against his own use of force resolution. After all, he opposed his predecessor, George W. Bush, for invading Iraq.

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Competition winner Deb Kelly with Press-Office Manager Seb Thompson (left) and Patrick-Alexander, Head of Marketing from Manchester Airport

Super slimmer wins trip of a lifetime with Newcastle Pride

A North East super slimmer who has lost a staggering 14 stones is getting set to jet off on the trip of a lifetime, thanks to Newcastle Pride and Manchester Airport.
Emma Ellingsen

Yes, I’m transgender says Norwegian Emma (15)

In Norway Emma Ellingsen (15) are known from the TV2 Norway series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and now she has published her first English Youtube video in English.
Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel signals change in stance on gay marriage

Chancellor’s party has resisted calls for same-sex marriage to be legalised but she says MPs should have free vote on matter.
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