United Arab Emirates

Transgender Singaporean & friend jailed in UAE for ‘dressing feminine’ have prison sentences dropped

The pair have been ordered to pay a fine and will be immediately deported, according to officials.

South Korea: Supreme Court Affirms LGBT Rights

South Korea’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to allow a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights foundation to legally register as a charity, ending three years of the foundation’s leaders facing discriminatory rejection from multiple government agencies. The judgment affirms South Korea’s obligations to respect freedom of assembly for all its citizens, Human Rights Watch said.
Human Rights

Indonesia Rejects 75 UN Human Rights Concerns

The Indonesian government says it will likely reject 75 recommendations by United Nations member countries to improve human rights abuses in Indonesia.
Same-sex parents

Israel Should Allow Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

This week, the Israeli government opposed a petition submitted by the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers requesting that common-law and same-sex couples be allowed to adopt. The government said that it opposed changing the law because adoption by same-sex couples would place an “additional burden” on the child.
Transgender - 2016

Singapore Voids Marriage of Transgender Woman And Her Wife

As The Straits Times has reported on July 18th, the Registry of Marriages (“the Registry”) has voided the marriage of a transgender woman and her partner in an unprecedented case in Singapore condemned by OutRight Action International.

Global Outrage Over Public Caning of Gay Men Spurs Sly Rethink

The authorities in Aceh – Indonesia’s only province that implements full Sharia (Islamic law) – clearly feel stung by the international outcry they generated when police publicly flogged two gay men in May. Their solution, it appears, is to put an end to public floggings.

Christian TV In Russia Offers To Pay LGBTQ To Leave The Country For Good

Russia’s religious TV channel is offering to send LGBTQ Russians abroad for good, so they can “submit to their sins” outside Russia.

LGBT Country Profiles Track Shifting Terrain

Human Rights Watch has published during Pride Month a compilation of the records of 63 countries in recognising and protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

LGBTQ Students In Philippines Face Bullying And Abuse

Students across the Philippines experience bullying and discrimination in school because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
European Court of Human Rights

Strasbourg Court: Russian ‘anti-propaganda’ law is discriminatory and violates human rights

Yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia's 'anti-propaganda' legislation is in breach with human rights.
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Alt for Norge

Cash makes ‘Alt for Norge’ (aka ‘The Great Norway Adventure’) more diverse

Norwegian-American's compete to have a chance to meet Norwegian relatives they didn’t even knew existed.
Gay Flag 2016

Egypt : Seven arrested after raising rainbow flag at concert

Egyptian police arrested seven people on Monday after they were seen raising a rainbow flag at a concert, security sources said, in a rare public show of support for LGBTQ rights in the conservative Muslim country.
Canal Digital

Canal Digital rides on LGBTQ wave, but has no LGBTQ content

Nordic Canal Digital has just released a new commercial 'Canal Digital feirer kjærlighet" / "Canal Digital celebrates love" to take advantage of the LGBTQ community.
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