Russian ‘propaganda’ law breaches human rights – first judgment of its kind

In a landmark judgment, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled that Russia breached the rights of LGBTI activists, who had complained about the effects of the country’s infamous ‘anti-propaganda’ legislation.
Transgender - 2016

Venezuelan Supreme Court Accepts Landmark Transgender Rights Case

LGBTQ organizations in the country applauded the precedent-setting move.

Malaysia: Health Ministry Propagates Harmful Anti-LGBT Myths

The Malaysian Ministry of Health, in its call for submissions to a National Creative Video Competition on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, has endorsed an erroneous and harmful theory that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) identities can be “prevented” or “controlled,” Human Rights Watch said today.
Putin Gay Clown

What Would Vladimir Putin Do With a Gay Man in Shower?

During an interview conducted by acclaimed filmmaker Oliver Stone, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed what might’ve happened if he was to run into a gay man in a shower room aboard a submarine.

Indonesia: Police Raids Foster Anti-Gay Hysteria

Indonesia’s national police force should immediately investigate recent raids by local law enforcement on gatherings of gay men, Human Rights Watch said Last Friday in a letter to national police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian.
Emmanuel Macron

French president Emmanuel Macron calls on Putin to protect gay Chechens

French president Emmanuel Macron says he has urged Vladimir Putin to ensure that the rights of LGBT people are protected following allegations of a crackdown on gay men in the Russian republic of Chechnya.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Taiwan Votes to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

On Wednesday, 24 May 2017, the Judicial Yuan, Taiwan’s highest court, ruled that restricting marriage to only a man and a women was unconstitutional, voting in favour of marriage equality.

141 Men Arrested in Gay Sauna in Indonesia

On 21 May 2017 at 8PM, 141 men were arrested by Indonesian authorities claiming they were engaging in a “gay sex party” at Atlantis Gym & Sauna in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Indonesia: Stop Public Flogging of Gay Men

Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo should immediately intervene to prevent the scheduled May 23, 2017 public flogging of two young men convicted of same-sex sexual relations, Human Rights Watch said Saturday.

IDAHOT Statement: LGBTIQ Youth Continue to be Disenfranchised

May 17th has become a day to raise awareness of violations against the rights of LGBTIQ people.

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Eric Odeen

Eric Odeen – I Don’t Really Dance

I Don’t Really Dance is the second single from Norwegian Eric Odeen.

Family wanted refund on a package tour because it was too many gays at...

A Norwegian family recently complained to The Travel Complaint Handling Body in Norway, after arriving at a hotel in Gran Canaria in their opinion, was a hotel for gays.
Naked Highway - Pyro

Naked Highway – Pyro

Naked Highway’s latest summertime offering ‘Pyro’ is a return to form for the group - an upbeat, almost humorous take on the traditional pop breakup song, complete with funky slap bass over electronic beats & strong vocal harmonies.
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