LGBT Denmark wants better health for transgender people

Amnesty has released the report on transgender treatment in Denmark. LGBT Denmark has contributed to the report and transgender stories in the report are consistent with our knowledge of the area.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Faroe Islands legalises same-sex marriage

Faroe Islands is self-governing country within the Danish Realm since 1948 and on Friday they said yes to same-sex marriage.

Openly gay U.S ambassador to Denmark weds partner

The U.S. ambassador to Denmark has married his partner in the Scandinavian country that became the first nation to allow gay couples to formalise their unions in 1989.

Danish PROUD! closes

When you lose the desire and energy to what you do, it's time to engage in other things.

LGBT rights in Denmark take next step with rainbow nursing homes

A quarter of a century after becoming the first country to give gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals, Denmark wants to make sure that historic moment isn’t undone at retirement.
Jim Lyngvild Art

Obama and Putin as gays!

Next year is the provocateur Jim Lyngvild again ready for an exhibition. This time it goes beyond Russia's President Vladimir Putin and the American President Barack Obama.

New booklet encourage therapists to resist against the Health Protection Agency (Sundhedsstyrelsen) in Denmark

LGBT Denmark is very concerned at the development of transgender people access to treatment, as the Denmark Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) is currently working on a draft. The new draft guidance has been issued for consultation, maintain and in some cases reinforces the practice of lengthy, disempowering scenario where a care team with a monopoly in Denmark can refuse to treat patients without decision can be appealed.

Danish Board of Health risk human life by refusing transgender treatment in private clinics

In the wake of the law on legal sex change, which came into force on 1 September 2014, the Danish Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) issued guidelines which prohibits private clinics to offer transgender hormone therapy, partly gathers all processing of trans people in Sexology Clinic in the hands of a "multi-disciplinary treatment team ", and also prevents the treatment of trans people, unless they have completed 6 months of talk therapy.

Danish Conservative leader: ‘I’m gay, so what?’

Søren Pape Poulsen came out as homosexual and said he was surprised that it should be an issue in modern day Denmark.
Gay Flag

Copenhagen gets LGBT nursing home

Copenhagen is planning the creation of Denmark's first retirement home for LGBT persons from 2015.
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Brendan Murray

Fourteenth Nominee For LGBTQ Music Vote Brendan Murray with Dying to try

It's that time of year, when you are looking back and are reflecting over the year that has passed.
European HIV/hepatitis testing week

MEP gets HIV test, calls for focus on key populations, including MSM and trans...

This morning, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup Daniele Viotti MEP got an HIV test in the framework of the European HIV/hepatitis testing week.

Moscow Police Fail to Effectively Investigate Brutal Attack on LGBT Activists

On the evening of November 11, 2017, four burly young men wearing hoods brutally attacked two lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights activists – Zoya Matisova, 42, and Nadezhda Aronchik, 23. Both were taking part in an inclusive family conference in Moscow.
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