Wenche Lowzow

Wenche Lowzow (90) first MP in Norway that was lesbian has passed away

Norwegian gay pioneer passed away after prolonged illness.
King of Norway - King Harald V of Norway

King of Norway: Norwegians are girls who love girls and boys who love boys

King Harald V of Norway gave a speech to his 1500 guests at his garden party Thursday 1st of September 2016.
Transgender - Norway

Nearly 200 apply to change gender under new Norway legal gender law

A total of 190 people have applied to change their legal gender in Norway in the month since a new law came into force allowing them to do so without gender reassignment surgery.
Some Muslims are Gay

Omar Akhtar (18) : I’m gay and Muslim, Orlando massacre is all about Islam

One of this weeks bravest people are Norwegian Omar Akhtar (18), he came out as gay in a response to Orlando massacre.

Norway becomes fourth country in Europe to introduce model of self-determination

Today is a turning point in the advocacy work of Norway’s trans activists – 6 June marks the final parliamentary vote on long-awaited updates to the legal gender recognition process. Now, trans people in Norway aged 16 and older will have their gender legally recognised without having to be sterilised first.
Gay Flag 2016

44 years with lawful same-sex love in Norway

Last Thursday Norway celebrated the victory by then DNF-48, but still lives LGBT people in 80 countries as criminals, says FRI leader Ingvild Endestad.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Priests! Do not mess with my friend!

A priest who reserve itself to marry same-sex couples, has only empty words to offer. Worthless, nasty words about love.
Drawing Gay Flag

radiOrakel’s Skinless – new radio series about LGBTI refugees

It's Norwegian radio station RadiOrakel that has created a 5 part radio series about LGBTI refugees.
Gay Flag 2016

Borghild Dalheim (96) supports same-sex marriage in the Norwegian Church

96 years old Borghild Dalheim welcomes gays to marry in the Norwegian churches. She believes that God created the gays too.
Two young Italian girls, both dressed as bride advocating for same-sex marriage at the 2010 Gay Pride in Rome

Norwegian Church makes history : We will marry same-sex couples

It has been a rocky road, but Monday gave the Norwegian Church ( Den Norske Kirke) the final green light to also marry same-sex couples.
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Thomas Sekelius

Thomas Sekelius – Awakening

Swedish star - Youtuber and artist Thomas Sekelius released his debut single 'Awakening' on February 10th. It became a smash hit with over 400.000 streams in a couple of days. Now he is releasing the music video for the song.
Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings’s ‘I Am Jazz’ Returns for Season 3

Jazz Jennings's TLC show I Am Jazz is finally coming back for its third season, and we can't wait to see what the 16-year-old has in store for us.
Transgender - 2016

North Carolina repeals LGBTQ bathroom law

Previous law required transgender people to use the restroom that matched their birth gender.
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