Wenche Lowzow

Wenche Lowzow (90) first MP in Norway that was lesbian has passed away

Norwegian gay pioneer passed away after prolonged illness.
King of Norway - King Harald V of Norway

King of Norway: Norwegians are girls who love girls and boys who love boys

King Harald V of Norway gave a speech to his 1500 guests at his garden party Thursday 1st of September 2016.
Drawing Gay Flag

radiOrakel’s Skinless – new radio series about LGBTI refugees

It's Norwegian radio station RadiOrakel that has created a 5 part radio series about LGBTI refugees.

Man (49) to a boy (16) : – Want to meet adult and well-equipped...

Norwegian TV 2 reveals that if you are young gay or bisexual boy you'll be bombarded with rough sex inquiries on Norwegian biggest LGBT community GaySir.no.
gender neutral

University of Oslo changing their restrooms to be gender neutral

University of Oslo has decided to introduce gender-neutral toilets at all faculties.
Norwegian Møtesalen in Høyesterett

Rape Convicted got heavier penalty because the victim is a lesbian

A 36 year old man is in Follo District Court sentenced to prison for two years and nine months for a sleeping rape of a woman in Ski in Norway.
Norwegian Møtesalen in Høyesterett

Indictment: Girl (16) raped girl (18) who slept

The Norwegian police believe a young girl (16) assaulted a girl (18) who was drunk and asleep.
Stein Erik Hagen

One of Norway riches people comes out as gay

Stein Erik Hagen (59) are the head of 6th riches families in Norway - comes out today as gay in Scandinavian biggest talkshow "Skavlan".
Gay Flag

Carl I. Hagen regret that he was not for Partnership Act

You might never thought that former FRP leader say this - but he has in a interview with Vårt Land.

Through this hole they sneak peeks on other men

The Solsiden shopping center in Trondheim are bothered by it constantly being created holes between the cubicles in the men's restroom and men makes appointments to have sex there through different websites.
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OKS X Drag Queen Story Time

Drag Queen Story Time Comes To Manchester

Superbia, Manchester Pride’s year round calendar of cultural lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) events, is bringing the internationally renowned craze Drag Queen Story Time to Manchester for the first time this December.

Fifteenth Nominee For LGBTQ Music Vote Alexandru with Sellotape

It's that time of year, when you are looking back and are reflecting over the year that has passed.

WA shearer set boss on fire for ‘unwanted homosexual advances’

A shearer who doused his boss in diesel fuel as he slept, then used a burning broomstick to send a fireball into his caravan cabin has been jailed for five years and four months.
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