Gay Flag 2016

Mellerud Pride because 12 year old girls “Girl Power”

This Saturday Mellerud Pride is celebrated for the first time in the small Swedish town by the lake of Vänern.
Gay Flag 2016

Sweden smallest pride started by a straight man fighting homophobia

The small Swedish coastal idyll Hamburgsund with only 900 inhabitants today celebrates Pride for the first time.
Mr Gay Europe 2016

Mr Gay Europe : Why Scandinavia?

Mr Gay Europe is changing and they have chosen Scandinavia as the perfect setting for their exciting search for Europe’s new LGBTI ambassador.
Mr Gay Europe 2016

Mr Gay Europe 2016 takes place in Sweden and Norway!

The 10th Mr Gay Europe finale takes place in the Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden, and the main theme is as it has been since 2005; Unity through Diversity.

Swedish diocese chairman says : Homosexuality is just a trend

Swedish Church are involved with Pride to show their support for LGBT people, but the chairman of the supreme governing body of Växjö diocese, Bruno Edgarsson, is not at all happy about it.
Linn Jans

Linn Jans – Simple Way of Love (Växjö Pride anthem)

It's not only the biggest prides that have their own pride anthem, even Swedish Växjö Pride has their own this year and it called "Simple Way of Love", written and sung by Linn Jans.
QX Gaygalan 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw’s Hero – song of the year – at the Swedish QX Gaygalan...

Last Monday, Sweden had their annually QX Gaygalan 2016 in Stockholm and Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw performed and won the title - song of the year with his Hero.

Swedish QX celebrated 20th anniversary now in October

Swedish QX magazine celebrated 20th anniversary in the beginning of October and the Swedish YouTube channel GayTV was there to report.
Gay Flag 2016

LGBT coloured pedestrian crossings are spreading in Sweden

Kalmar got a pedestrian crosswalk in rainbow colours in the beginning of September, during the Pride Festival in the city. Now another Swedish city, Växjö, wants to do the same.
Stockholm Pride

Sweden : Half of the participants in the Pride Parade are straight

Most of them votes on Feminist Initiative (FI). The majority are women. Almost half are heterosexual. So are the representation in the Pride Parade, writes Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. New research shows who really runs the Pride Parade.
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Frances Arns

RainbowYOUTH In New Zealand Introduces New Executive Director Frances Arns

The Executive Board at RainbowYOUTH announced today the appointment of Frances Arns as the new Executive Director of RainbowYOUTH. She will replace outgoing Executive Director Duncan Matthews who leaves the role after four years.
Same Sex Marriage 02

Support for marriage equality in Australia falling, poll shows

Latest Newspoll contains bad news for same-sex marriage yes campaign and Malcolm Turnbull, whose popularity has dropped.
Sean Smith

Sean Smith – Turn Me On

Today it's one year since Sean Smith released his hit song Turn Me On and I'm marking the day by sharing his music video for the song to you.
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