Linn Jans

Linn Jans – Simple Way of Love (Växjö Pride anthem)

It's not only the biggest prides that have their own pride anthem, even Swedish Växjö Pride has their own this year and it called "Simple Way of Love", written and sung by Linn Jans.
QX Gaygalan 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw’s Hero – song of the year – at the Swedish QX Gaygalan...

Last Monday, Sweden had their annually QX Gaygalan 2016 in Stockholm and Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw performed and won the title - song of the year with his Hero.

Swedish QX celebrated 20th anniversary now in October

Swedish QX magazine celebrated 20th anniversary in the beginning of October and the Swedish YouTube channel GayTV was there to report.
Gay Flag 2016

LGBT coloured pedestrian crossings are spreading in Sweden

Kalmar got a pedestrian crosswalk in rainbow colours in the beginning of September, during the Pride Festival in the city. Now another Swedish city, Växjö, wants to do the same.
Stockholm Pride

Sweden : Half of the participants in the Pride Parade are straight

Most of them votes on Feminist Initiative (FI). The majority are women. Almost half are heterosexual. So are the representation in the Pride Parade, writes Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. New research shows who really runs the Pride Parade.

Happy Birthday Sweden!

National Day of Sweden is a national holiday observed in Sweden on 6 June every year.
Åre Winter Pride

Åre Winter Pride – A mountain Pride with unique business day seminar

With just a week left until the ski resort Åre turns in to the colours of a rainbow the whole village are preparing for the biggest winter reinvention event this season. Last time Åre organised a similar event was 2002 when the Scandinavian Gay Days where up and running.

Pressbyrån becomes Bögbyrån in Örebro

Pressbyrån in Örebro, next week becomes "Bögbyrån"
PS4 gaystation

Swedish Retailer Auctioning Off PS4 GayStation Edition

The Stockholm Pride Festival is kicking off today in Sweden. To celebrate the occasion, a Swedish retailer is auctioning off a special PS4 called the “GayStation Edition”.
Gay Flag 2016

RFSL got together in a diversity parade

During the Sweden Democrats'(Sverigedemokraterna) day at the political week in Almedalen, RFSL Gotland chose to arrange a Diversity Parade which includes several parties, Save the Children and the Association for Gaypolice joined.

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Japan’s Missed Opportunity to Support LGBT Children

The Japanese government has missed an opportunity to introduce information about sexual and gender minorities to classrooms during a once-in-a-decade review of its national educational curriculum.
Daniel Mauricio

Daniel Mauricio – Mayflies

Daniel Mauricio, a Swedish musical theatre artist that has been seen in productions all over the world like ”The Lion King” in London & ”Chicago” in Copenhagen.

North East prom for LGBT youth

Young People from the North East LGBT community are being invited to the biggest party of the year, as a prom night created especially for them returns.
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