The Singing Sailor Underwater Defence System

Swedish peace organisation launches a subsurface defence system

In the search for foreign submarines, the Swedish military just had their biggest mobilisation for decades. But, they found nothing. Voices are heard for more resources.

Gothenburg – not yet at the end of the rainbow

It was a secret between the spouses in all years. No one else knew he was a transvestite. But when his wife died, he was a she.

Swedish priest says sorry for gay comments

A priest in southern Sweden has apologised for preaching that some gay people suffer from a “psychological disorder” that can be “cured”, after his comments sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners.
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Gaychampagne – soon in Systembolaget

The world's first gay profiled champagne is here! Sweden becomes the first country to have it in stock, and as of March 1 it will be available for sale at Systembolaget around the country.

Sweden a paradise for beggars – according to Ehsan Fadakar

Aftonbladet's Ehsan Fadakar is criticising Norway again - because Norway wants to forbid begging.

It’s hard to be always perfect, RFSL

It was last Friday that RFSL Kronoberg leader Joacim Benes in referred to beggars as parasites on his Facebook page. Now he leaves his post and resign with immediate effect.

Sweden male train drivers wear skirts after shorts row

A dozen male train drivers in Sweden have circumvented a ban on shorts by wearing skirts to work in hot weather.

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Liamoo – Burn

Winner of Swedish Idol 2016, the artist Liamoo also know as Liam Cacatian Thomassen, has just a released a new single that needs your attention.

141 Men Arrested in Gay Sauna in Indonesia

On 21 May 2017 at 8PM, 141 men were arrested by Indonesian authorities claiming they were engaging in a “gay sex party” at Atlantis Gym & Sauna in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.
Christina Martin

Christina Martin returns with new single and UK tour

A fervent anthem for those who are lost and longing, “Lungs Are Burning” is the first single from Christina Martin's forthcoming album (Come Undone Records/Tonetoaster).
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