I was a lipstick lesbian… now I’m a gay man

With her sexy curves, perfect pout and long, blonde hair, gorgeous Katherine Dalton was in big demand as a model.

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But beneath her beauty lay a secret which had troubled her from an early age — she felt she was a MAN and found herself attracted to girls rather than guys.

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The 31-year-old says: “For years I was a man trapped in a woman’s body. And although I was a beautiful woman I felt ugly because I was not who I wanted to be. Now I feel complete and it is fantastic.

“Going through the op to be a man was scary but it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve done and I feel right for the first time in my life.”

Katherine – who has changed her name to Adrian – is single but hopes to pursue relationships, according to The Sun.

Incredibly, despite having romances with women when he was a woman, Adrian is now drawn to men. He says: “I used to be attracted to women in my teens but I now consider myself gay.

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