Alexander Rybak: Glad that homosexuals love me

Cutie pie Alexander Rybak (23) crushed all opposition in the Eurovision Song Contest, May 16 2009, and went home with a victory for himself and Norway with the song  "Fairytale".

Eurovision Song Contest 2009
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Now he is ready with his debut album and he is currently one of Europe’s best-selling artists. “Everyone” likes Alexander, also gays around Europe.

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I’m very happy that homosexuals likes me, it would have been tough without them on my side, “says Alexander Rybak to the Norwegian community site (link: english translated by Google – remember that Google is not perfect).

Most of those who are interested in Eurovision before the actual event, is gays. So I am very happy that I have managed to find the nerve that allows homosexual to love me.

Alexander is the plate current with his debut album “Fairy Tales” and he is busy with tour operations across Norway.

Alexander Rybak @

Alexander Rybak @

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