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It's 1997. Thirteen-year-old Simon and his best friend Kyle can't open a fridge door without belting out a show tune. And his family is even more eccentric. Simon's Mom, Debbie, is a whirlwind of matriarchal warmth in killer heels.

Beautiful People
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His Dad, Andy, is a lovable Irish softy and avid wine maker and older sister, Ashlene, is a wannabe ghetto queen. Then there’s Aunty Hayley who never seems to leave and grandma Narg, who lost God and found a foul mouth.

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Based on the childhood memoirs of window-dresser extraordinaire, style arbiter and writer Simon Doonan, the sitcom follows his childhood reminiscences of escaping the grey gloom of suburban England to live amongst the Beautiful People – before coming to the realization that true beauty, as ever, is closer than we think.

I have seen the whole season (and praying that BBC will make a second season),  Beautiful People are just hilarious. If you like High School Musical, you might love Beautiful People too.  You will not regret it!

Beautiful People is written by Jonathan Harvey (Gimme Gimme Gimme, Beautiful Thing) and based on the best-selling wild childhood memoirs of Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barneys, New York.

Logo tonight : 10:00 PM (you can event watch episode 1 on if you live in USA).


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