Gay Dating: Guide Offers ‘Body Language Makeover’ with a Money Back Guarantee

Attract Hotter Guys with the Secrets & Science of Sexual Body Language, the first gay body language guide gay body language creates a publishing first: A money back guarantee on a body language makeover.

Attract Hotter Guys
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The instantly downloadable ebook shows gay men how to use body language to meet the kind of guys they’re attracted to in gay bars and parties.

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It starts by paying attention to the subtlest body language mannerisms. “You can really see it in handshakes,” said author Mike Alvear, the nationally-syndicated sex advice columnist and co-host of HBO’s The Sex Inspectors. “Communication researchers have discovered that there is one particular kind of handshake that makes men like you more. And that there’s a specific way of adding a touch with your other hand that magnifies positive impressions by 68%.”

Drawing from dozens of peer-reviewed studies, Attract Hotter Guys shows gay men the gestures, postures and expressions more likely to attract the kind of men they want to date. “If you’re sick and tired of going out to gay bars gay bars and never meeting the kind of guys you’re interested in,” said Alvear, “I guarantee it’s because your body language is all wrong.”

Alvear wrote the best-selling body language guide for gay men body language guide for gay men because there’s so much unhappiness with gay internet dating sites as well as gay bars. “We’ve evolved,” said Alvear. “We know where to go to meet people–gay dating sites and gay nightclubs–but we don’t exactly know how to attract the kind of men we see there.”

“Research shows that body language is a critical component to getting noticed, making yourself more approachable, turning introductions into attractions and building rapport,” said Alvear. “For the first time, gay men can use peer-reviewed body language research to dramatically improve their ability to meet and attract the kind of guys they’re interested in.”

Attract Hotter guys, the first body language guide for gay men, gives readers a “body language makeover” with a money-back guarantee. “We’ve literally not had one request for a refund,” said Alvear. “And it’s all because readers can see results instantly.”

Priced at $29.99, Attract Hotter Guys, the first body language book for gay men body language guide for gay men, is available as an instant download at

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