Spirit Journeys Announces New Focus On Workshop Events

In the current economic climate, money is an obvious issue for many people. Being able to get time away from work can also be a problem. People feel taking time off threatens job security or they may be in non-salaried jobs where if they do not work they do not get paid.

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Spirit Journeys recently conducted a survey of their members. The survey confirmed a continued deep need and desire for the type of events Spirit Journeys offers, even though time or money may be in short supply. To address the need for shorter duration and lower cost events, Spirit Journeys will be making changes to its upcoming calendar.

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To better support the community and make their programs available to more people, Spirit Journeys will be adding more Workshops to their calendar. The Workshops will be held over weekends and will be 3 to 4 days in length; starting on Thursdays or Fridays and running until Sunday afternoons. Spirit Journeys feels that this schedule will fit with the greatest number of people’s work schedule.

Also the Workshops will also be more regionalized than in previous years. The goal is to reduce travel related expenses for participants by hosting the Workshops at several locations throughout the United States. It is hoped that the combination of shorter duration, more locations and lower costs, will open Spirit Journeys events to the greatest number of participants.

Spirit Journeys will continue to offer their Retreats and Journeys. However, there will an increased effort to keep costs as low as is possible for these longer duration gay travel retreats and adventures.

Above all, Spirit Journeys mission remains unchanged: To create opportunities for participants to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually; to create environments where they can feel safe enough to “step outside of their box” and move towards living a freer, more joyous life.

For additional information on Spirit Journeys’ special gay travel options, visit www.SpiritJourneys.com.

Spirit Journeys, a gay travel organization that works for personal and spiritual growth for gay men and lesbians, announces new focus on shorter duration and lower cost events.

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