Stephen: you will always be my star

I woke up pretty early Sunday, a week ago, I got out of bed. Usually I just sits and stare for a while, but not this Sunday.

Stephen Gately
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Stephen Gately comes out

I logged on my laptop and browsed FaceBook for a bit, and found the sad news about Stephen Gately has died. This is the guy that gave me courage to start my coming out process to my family. When Stephen Gately came out for over 10 years ago, I thought to my self; If he could do it to the world, I should have the courage to come out to my family. So I did. Thanks Stephen.

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After I had read the sad news, I was kind of chock. Who would have expected this ? no one. He was only 33 years old.

Stephen was member of Boyzone, singer, dancer and a performer. He was a very talented man and it’s sad that the world can’t never see him perform again, but we have our memories. Recommend you all to buy his solo album, New beginning, so the album becomes number 1.

Everytime I feels like the whole world is against me, I always listen to the Boyzone song, “No matter what” and the day becomes much better.

I will say it like this as Yehonathan’s song “Across the Universe”,

if I will see you in the sky, no more tears to cry, you will always be my star.

Thank you Stephen for all the music and good times that your music and your performance has given me and for the courage you gave me to come out.

My thoughts goes to Stephen’s husband, family, all the guys in Boyzone and friends in this difficult time.

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