A New LGBTQI Virtual High School to Open in New York City

Imagine a high school where LGBTQI youths could be themselves, and not have to worry about being harassed, threatened, and discriminated against because of who they are.

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A high school which caters to LGBTQI youths, and provides unique experiences, health information, and manages to assist their students in building strong, trusting friendships and relationships.

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The city with the largest LGBT population in the country, and the place where the gay rights movement started, will soon be welcoming a virtual high school which will cater to the city’s LGBTQI youth community and beyond. The name of the virtual high school will be called: LGBTQI Virtual High School, according to its President, Jason Cuevas.

Last week, LGBTQI Virtual Schools, a Non-Profit Organisation/Public Charity, and the parent organisation of the new virtual high school for LGBTQI youths, was informed by the New York State Department of Education and its Board of Regents, that they would not acknowledge LGBTQI Virtual High School or grant it state accreditation status. In order for LGBTQI Virtual High School to grant accredited, high school diplomas to its students, LGBTQI Virtual Schools will now need to obtain accreditation status elsewhere. According to Jason Cuevas, LGBTQI Virtual Schools President, “Our organisation believes in options. We feel that LGBTQI youths should have the option to choose a place where they would feel safe, accepted, and understood for who they are, and not for what others believe they should be. That’s why LGBTQI Virtual Schools will not seek accreditation from the New York State Department of Education, but will seek accreditation status elsewhere”.

Fortunately, LGBTQI Virtual Schools has located an accreditation agency located in the United States that will accept an application from the organisation in order to be considered for accreditation. The accreditation agency’s name is “AdvancED”, which now operates the “North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement”. Jason Cuevas has stated “I’m glad our organisation will still have a chance to continue it’s mission, even without the help of the New York State Department of Education and its Board of Regents. We are grateful, and appreciate all the support we have got from the LGBTQI community, and beyond”.

Before LGBTQI Virtual Schools can breathe in a sigh of relief, they will still have to come up with the funds in order to pay for the accreditation and application fees, which total $2,350 dollars. According to LGBTQI Virtual Schools website, Jason Cuevas has stated “LGBTQI Virtual Schools needs your support in raising enough funds to help us apply for accreditation. We will appreciate any donations that you may be able to give, so that we may continue our mission to educate and provide services to the youths of the LGBTQI community”. It seems that LGBTQI Virtual Schools will have a tough road ahead of them, but with all of the organisation’s enthusiastic attitude, it seems that they will be able to raise enough funds in order to make their LGBTQI Virtual High School a reality.


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