After Elton calls Johnny Weir Hypocrite

Johnny Weir was a guest on Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler, March 31, and the gay topic comes up, but After Eltons writer, Michael Jensen, seems to be reading to much into what was said during the interview with Weir.

Johnny Weir

Chelsea Lately it’s a talkshow with a touch of stand-up, and it seems that After Elton has missed that.

After Eltons Michael Jensen writes:

When Handler asked if Weir and Lysacek got along, Weir emphatically said, “No.” Then he added, “We’re fine. He’s the Olympic champion and congratulations to him, but no. You know–”

Weir then made a hand gesture that was either meant to be dismissive or limp-wristed. If that had been the end of it, I would’ve said he was being dismissive, but it wasn’t the end of it.

Handler then asked Weir about rooming with Lysacek’s ex-girlfriend, using the word “girlfriend” in quotes. Then when Weir referred to her as Lysacek’s “ex-girlfriend” he did so with a wink clearly meant to imply she was no such thing, presumably because Weir thinks he’s gay. When Handler commented on the wink, Weir denied he’d winked at all.

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Why should Johnny Weir tell Michael Jensen and rest of the world what he like to do in bed ? If Johnny Weir want to do that, he can do it whenever he wants.

After Elton should rather written about Johnny Weir is not invited to “Stars on Ice” because he is not “family friendly” (read too gay), but chose to over analyze what was said in the show and calling Johnny Weir hypocrite.