Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato on Justin’s First Kiss

One of Mark Indelicato's first comments on his recent boy-boy kiss on Ugly Betty: You didn't miss that ? right ! Indelicato also discusses the end of the series and how hard that is for him.

Ugly Betty - Justin - Kiss
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He told New York Magazine.

When Silvio Horta sort of first introduced the character and what the character was going to do at the beginning of the season, I was very, very scared,” he said. “And I was very, very hesitant; I really was. It was just so awkward to have to, you know, let alone kiss someone in front of a camera, to kiss a boy, and to have that weight on your shoulders of knowing that it’s the first boy-on-boy kiss ever on television, that’s tough,” he said. “That’s what really nerve-racked me the most. It wasn’t kissing the girl or the boy or the this or the that; I didn’t care about that. It was, ‘Am I going to do it right?’ And I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

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