A Tory has done it : It gets better

Yesterday we pointed out that no Republican politician has made an "It gets better" video. We got lot of responses on twitter, and one of our British friends sad that the UK's  Prime Minister David Cameron has done an "It gets better" video and he's a Tory. They're practically the same thing says our friend.

It Gets Better
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If a Tory is the same as Republican, isn’t the point. But here is the video.

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Stonewall in UK that has launched – It Gets better Now – a new campaign reassuring gay school pupils that they don’t have to wait for things to get better in their lives — they can be great now. In Britain we have partnership rights, the right to serve in the military and the right to have children.

Our government is committed to tackling homophobic bullying and many schools, supported by Stonewall’s Education for All campaign, are taking bold steps to do just that.

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