Last Saturday Night…

There is two girl's in my life, that makes me love again. As pretty as a girl's could be, So beautiful. Every Saturday night they gives us Beauty Spot Karaoke with a big smile on their faces.

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I’m a gay man in love and they are so glorious.  Yeah, borrowed some lyrics from Basshunter… couldn’t resist.

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Haven’t you been experienced Beauty Spot Karaoke every Saturday night at the George with fabulous girls Davina Devine and Veda ? I will say you’ve been missing out… promise!

Every Saturday night at 10(ish) the girls comes in fabulous creations Saturday night after Saturday night… The girls wardrobe must be bigger than the Queen in the FCUK..

The girls always has witty comments that the crowd always loves.  Davina Devine and Veda has  given me the highlights on a Saturday night, again and again. Thank you!

So next Saturday night I do it all over again… will I see you there ?

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