Paul Ryan playing the victim

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan lamented that media bias pervades the 2012 presidential election coverage.

Mitt Romney - Paul Ryan
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During an interview on “Fox New Sunday” with host Chris Wallace, Ryan said that he was “used to media bias” because he’s a “conservative first”, the reports.

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Poor Paul Ryan, some media has revealed the true nature of your politics and then you run to the only 100% supported Republican TV channel, Fox News to complain… The TV channel that is known to twist the truth to gain Republicans politics and agenda.

You don’t dare to meet Rachel Maddow, why is that ? Is it because you might look stupid afterwards ? If I was you, Paul, I wouldn’t dare to meet Maddow either, with the message you and Mitt are throwing around.

Paul, it’s easy to blame the President for everything, but this recession and the deficit  is made by an Republican called former President George W. Bush (you might know him).

On more thing, the victim role doesn’t fit you….

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