Up on cloud number 1, I found a very sexy man

It was very hard to leave Anton Hysen, but I needed to get up on cloud number 1 before dark. Guess who was waiting for me...

10 sexy men in the clouds
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Thanks to all our visitor for voting for “10 sexy men in the clouds of 2012”.

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After saying goodbye to Anton, I was using the GPS on my iPhone to get safely to cloud number 1.

At last I arrived on the cloud number 1, and I found the charming and want to marry right away man, Colby Melvin !

Congratulation Colby Melvin, you won the grand prize! (me… lol seriously… just kinding… I wish it wasn’t!)

Wrong Direction's

Colby Melvin is an Andrew Christian model, with very pretty pair of eyes and a body to die for… and to touch…

Then was the name out of the bag.

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Here are some facts about the vote

Top 3 (whole world)

Colby Melvin got 42 % of the votes (whole world)
Anton Hysen got 23 % of the votes (whole world)
Jason Dottley got 17 % of the votes (whole world)

Top 3 (without USA votes)

Colby Melvin got 39 % of the votes (without USA votes)
Anton Hysen got 35 % of the votes (without USA votes)
Eric Saade got 8 % of the votes (without USA votes)

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