Chris Culliver Backlash Clouds the Real Issue for Gays in the NFL

Super Bowl
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For the better part of this Super Bowl week Chris Culliver has dedicated a great deal of his energy to a poorly executed attempt at damage control.

This all comes after the second-year cornerback exposed his deplorable ignorance for the entire world to hear with narrow-minded, homophobic remarks.

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But are we really that surprised this young, insular individual, enveloped within a hyper-masculine sports sub-culture, could feel the way he does about homosexuality?

This in no way excuses his bigotry or immaturity—but we should, however, be asking ourselves how a man, in such an environment, could even think it acceptable to express such a discriminatory viewpoint. Perhaps the brash opinions so candidly revealed by Culliver on Media Day were a product of his environment, years in the making.

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