Fairy Potter: A Boy Discovers His Gay Heritage

"Fairy Potter: A Boy Discovers His Gay Heritage," is a hilarious parody of the Harry Potter stories, written by American author Luhra Tivis. "I really love Harry Potter".

Luhra Tivis
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Luhra says, “this parody is a work of love. I just hope J.K. Rowling doesn’t send a hit squad after me!”

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Although there is no explicit sexual activity in the book, there are a number of adult references which make this a “not for kids” book.

Enjoy journeying with Fairy Potter and his friends at the FarOut School of Rainbows & Enlightenment as they shop for school supplies in Astrologic Alley, encounter Prof. Queeroldcuss who teaches Defense Against the Smart Arts, defeat a Narc detective with a hasty injection, and pursue the meaning of true love.

The book is currently available in Kindle format at Amazon.co.uk, for £ 0.77. Luhra Tivis lives in Enid, Oklahoma with two dogs and a posse of kitties. Her next book out will be, “The Gay Way: Tao Te Ching for the LGBT World.”

Little sneak peak

The Queerly family, mum Pansy Queerly, dad Venom Queerly, and son Diddly have their domestic mediocrity interrupted by the unwelcome arrival of orphaned infant Fairy Potter, nephew, who has been planted on their doorstep like a ubiquitous zucchini.

Fairy Potter’s parents, Lolly Potter (Pansy’s sister) and Jolly Potter have perished mysteriously at their old hippie commune and farm, done in by the evil accountant, Lord Moldyfart.

Now almost age eleven, Fairy Potter bears a strange crosshatched mark, #, on his forehead and lives in a tastefully decorated closet under the Queerlys’ stairs. His only hope for the future is to become an interior decorator or a fashion consultant (he is a real wizard with a needle and thread).

On a family outing to see the musical “HAIR,” Fairy is accosted by Faggrid, a large, burly man in a pink tutu.

Fairy is astonished to learn from Faggrid that he, Fairy Potter, is gay! and that he has been accepted to the FarOut School of Rainbows and Enlightenment (where his parents had both gone to school).

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