“Mansworld” Combines the Stories of Six Gay Friends into One Engaging Journey

Six Friends Discover the Cost of Starting Over in New Novel.

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In Bex Wild’s debut novel “Mansworld” (published by iUniverse), six gay friends discover that finding a fresh start isn’t as simple as they may have hoped, and that they will need each other in order to have a chance. Their main priority quickly becomes survival, and they will need to work together to stay alive.

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Written in the tradition of character ensemble stories, “Mansworld” presents a plot largely driven forward by Danny Slater, the classic man afraid to live in the present, and Pavel Repka, a man with too much past, and each of Wild’s characters brings a vital facet to the story.

By paying careful attention to creating six unique characters, Wild captures their natural individualism. Expressing that individualism is the driving force and passion for Wild behind the creation of these characters. Often in fiction, the best way to both develop and elevate their individuality, strengths and weaknesses is to place characters in pressurized situations and view their paths and the choices they make in order to walk those paths. This is another strength of “Mansworld.”

An excerpt from “Mansworld”

“Pavel had betrayed the trust he had already placed in him and then it hit him like a thunderbolt, sudden and clear and forceful, maybe Pavel thought in a way he was telling him the truth?”

The plot of “Mansworld” is built to add conflict for the characters to overcome. Though the story begins with the group wanting a fresh start, added layers of difficulty build into an ever-increasing load. Each new crisis allows one of Wild’s characters to shine, whether the topic is romance, LGBT issues, or dealing with gangsters.

“Mansworld” offers a fresh voice in the genre of gay fiction. The book, Wild says, “… offers different views and perspectives on sexuality and relationships, proving life’s issues within a relationship remain the same no matter the sexes of the lovers involved.”

About the Author

Bex Wild enjoys writing, baking, Pilates and going on shopping sprees in her free time. She is currently working on her next novel.

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