Sharing the love, continuing the fight

LGBT Labour
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Last week the UK took a significant step towards marriage equality when the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly for the Same-Sex Marriage bill to pass its second reading and move on to the committee stage which continues for its second session today.

To continue our campaign for equal marriage, LGBT Labour has today delivered a Valentine’s Day card to each Labour MP who opposed the bill.

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LGBTLabour co-chair, Hannah Blythyn said:

“Last week, 217 Labour MPs, 127 Conservative MPs and 52 other MPs voted for the Same-Sex Marriage bill. Out of the 172 MPs who voted against, 22 were sadly Labour MPs. We were all disappointed to see that those 22 vote against. Labour has always been the party of equality and in government has always driven LGBT rights forward.

“But, as it’s Valentine’s Day and as LGBTLabour believes in equality of love and marriage, we thought we’d reach out and spread a little love of our own. Every Labour MP who voted against the second reading of the Same Sex Marriage bill will have got a valentine’s card, from us to them, with love. Our hope is that this will help them to recognise our love and reconsider their opposition to the bill before it comes to the next vote in the Commons.”

Today is another step in our campaign to ensure that the same-sex marriage bill continues through the House of Commons. We will continue to lobby Labour MPs, and encourage our members to do so as well. We’ve won the first battle, but there is still a long way to go. We are confident that Labour will continue to be the party that insures that the Same-Sex marriage bill passed through both the Commons and the Lords and becomes law.

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