Christian backed for refusing to print MyGayZine

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The Portadown publisher who refused to print a magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people has received the overwhelming backing of many Portadown Times readers.

Nick Williamson of Blufire Media was labelled a homophobe after he said he could not have his business associated with the first print edition of MyGayZine because of his Christian beliefs.

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But the vast majority of the scores of people who texted the newspaper since last week’s edition said Mr Williamson was right not print the magazine. hopes the LGBT community to support MyGayZine by contacting the local newspaper here or comment on the story here to express your support to MyGayZine. MyGayZine is free online magazine that they wanted to print their magazine locally, but was met with homophobia from one of the printing companies and they didn’t get any quote from Blufire Media.

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