Homophobia And Football The Most Natural Bedfellows

Homophobia and football are, both unfortunately and ironically, the most natural of bedfellows.

QX Magazine - Anton Hysen
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It’s not the elephant in the room, it’s just always been seen by many fans as an acceptable form of abuse which they can direct towards players and fans.

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Take Brighton for instance. The city has a well known thriving gay population and culture, and therefore it is deemed acceptable to subject all followers of Brighton & Hove Albion to homophobic insults.

Much in the same way as it was deemed okay in years gone by a certain neanderthal element of football followers to abuse fans of clubs for the perceived high Asian populations of their city.

Both should be seen as unacceptable, but while racism is seen as making a very unwelcome return, homophobia has never gone away.

Justin Fashanu, Anton Hysen (picture) and Robbie Rogers are the only known football players to have announced their homosexuality.

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Photo : QX LGBT Magazine Sweden Faxmile

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