I like to call it ‘The Joey Barton Coefficient’…

For only the second time in my life I'd like to personally thank Joey Barton. Or, I should say, Joseph Barton, as he doesn't like being called Joey... Even though he made his own Twitter handle include Joey... But I digress when instead I should probably be explaining why.

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The first time I ever thanked him was for his support of the Justice For Hillsborough campaign, which he did support to the hilt and anyone with an ounce of sensibility would, and should, thank him for.

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This time, however, I thank him for a far less noble cause. I thank you, dear Joseph, for bringing to light the shockingly blasé level of transphobia which goes generally unnoticed amongst us. (Spot the real French word just for you, Joey Jo Jo Jo.)

MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk reccomends to read the whole En Jayce blog post at enjayce.blogspot.co.uk

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