Justin Bieber is a pathetic sissy boy says Danish Newspaper

It's the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet reviewer of Justin Bieber's concert last Saturday evening in Copenhagen that calls him that.

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
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Fans who have been waiting for this moment in tents in front of the concert arena Parken, Copenhagen, since Thursday, must have felt as if they didn’t get any gifts on Christmas Eve when he sung the encore ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Baby’ just bare-chested.

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The reviewer also says Justin Bieber is roughly just as real as Santa Claus. He’s just not worth believing, according to Google Translate ( ekstrabladet.dk danish)

Another Danish newspaper thinks that Beliebers are more entertaining than Justin Bieber.

The show seemed a bit too rehearsed. It is simply something Bieber has done this way too often. And then disappears something of the personality. And that’s a shame writes the reviewer in BT.

To emphasize the point, the reviewer writes that he can tell that all 15 numbers plus the two encores, was an exact copy of the way Bieber’s three concerts in Oslo, Norway. Also in the sequence according to BT.dk (in Danish)/ Google Translate.

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