Kevin Backer Tackles Challenges in Debut Novel

Gay novel speaks to LGBT youth everywhere, “The Preacher’s Son”.

The Preachers Son
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The challenges of LGBT youth continue to garner national coverage from syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign to the National Youth Advocacy Coalition’s work to end discrimination against LGBT youth. Author Kevin Backer is also doing his part. In his debut novel “The Preacher’s Son: A Southern Coming-out Story” (published by iUniverse) Backer tells the story of a gay youth trying desperately to live up to his father’s expectations and the expectations of his heart.

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Like most young men, Paul Banks grew up playing sports and struggling to understand the feelings rushing through his teenage body. After his mother and sister die suddenly in a car accident, Paul’s life changes forever. Neither Paul nor his father seem able to cope with the memories that live in the house they all shared; so, Paul and his father decide to move to Texas to begin their lives anew.

Paul’s father, a pastor, finds a new church home, and Paul makes a fresh start as a high school senior. He meets Jeremy Groll, the son of one of the deacon’s at his father’s new church. A spark soon ignites between the two young men. The two keep their growing affection a secret from the outside world, but when Paul’s father discovers the relationship, Paul must endure prejudice from not only his schoolmates, but also from those closest to him.

“The story was one that I couldn’t get out of my mind,” says Backer. “The book tells a love story, but so much more. It tells of a father and son relationship and how both come to grips with Paul’s sexual orientation.”

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About the Author

Kevin L. Backer is gay and lives in north Texas with his lifelong partner and their pets. He is also author of his second novel, “No Son of Mine.”

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