Some Brighton fans think that some people are too sensitive

Last night we got a response on a news story about "Brighton fans demand FA action over homophobic chants" on twitter.

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In response to : Brighton fans demand FA action over homophobic chants

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- Post continues - don’t think Brighton football supporters are to sensitive they have every right to draw attention to homophobic chants. We will rather say that football supporters chanting homophobic words are unsensitive.

What was “acceptable” to chanting about, in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s is not the same as it always should be that way. Society has evolved since then and the football fans needs to step up as well. have the opinion that any chants that refers to homophobic, sexual orientation, racism or race are unacceptable in all forms and that’s why we think that Just a Ball game?, KickItOut and Football V Homophobia is doing a great and important work.

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