Stiff: Memoirs of a Dick

Take a new gay "Baby Hoodrat" from California; combine with an older, barhopping mentor; mix with dancing, drugging, drinking, and dicking; and you've got a killer recipe for a hot story.

Stiff: Memoirs of a Dick
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Dick O’Connor debut novel, Stiff : Memoirs of a Dick, was released in February 2013.

The author describe the novel as the laugh-out-loud story follows 18-year-old Dick O’Connor and his fake ID as he stumbles from dive bars to dance floors – dodging DUIs and STDs – while discovering the joy and grief to being a hot, young ‘ho.

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The coming-of-age college years of Dick O’Connor’s evolution from naive “gayby,” new to club culture and dating, to knowledgeable — and arrogant — self-proclaimed “dick.”

In this laugh-out-loud gay satire, Dick binge-drinks and bed-hops his way through university matriculation while learning many life lessons the hard way … pun intended. Try this tasty mix of debauchery and humor!

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Who is author Dick O’Connor?

Call me Dick. Some use his name as a noun, some an adjective, he says.

And continues that gay boys needed their own champion of hook-up culture. So he stepped up and wrote his own intoxicated/promiscuous adventures from adolescence to “adulthood.”

He says, picture me as the bastard gay child of Tucker Max and Chelsea Handler — or soft core porn with a Ke$ha soundtrack.

He have attempted to recount the stories to the best of his memory. Unfortunately, alcohol can make things a little hazy. If it didn’t happen the way he remember then it damn well should have.

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