#LGBTQhour a twitter storm

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As a new group its hard to gain funding and exposure and we see that many existing organisations are struggling to keep funding.

But in strength in numbers we can draw more to our causes and also combat the horrendous tweets of hate such as “death to gays” in France or other countries. There are thousands of individual campaigns and not one group that pulls them all together.

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BeLGBT’s idea isn’t ground breaking, its tried and tested with other groups and organisations but it takes co-ordination but leads to organic growth once started and has a life of its own. It will help grass roots campaigns, such as www.belgbt.info raise profile for the work we do at a local community and political level.

So what is the format?

The original event saw BeLGBT launch #LGBTQhour 8:30-9:30 pm (on Thursday 2nd May 2013 BST) – they attracted people and groups from across the globe so they are asking leading groups to start at that time in their locality.

The concept of #(Insertcause)Hour is not a new idea its tried and tested and leads to organic growth week on week.

It would enable grassroots organisations to raise profile and find partners and indeed supporters.

It could be used to promote specific causes and create critical mass on twitter that would organically grow.

It could be used to highlight a specific cause a fortnight and encourage people to donate 20p each not a big ask – we’re not proposing this for the first one though. Our first event saw us support Skelat and Take The Pledge – as featured on Gay Star News.

So you see at no cost other than tweeting at a set time using the hashtag individuals will be attracted to local groups, groups to support each other and could even be used as a source of crowd funding for struggling causes in such times of austerity!

They are proposing to highlight a specific cause for a fortnight to boost their numbers. They already have other initiatives lined up to support.

The initial event was backed by Co-op Respect, LGBT consortium, LGBT Finance and Galead Network. But as you will see from our storify they gained support from Peter Tatchell, Aviv and PWC to name but a few.

You can also find more information on the initiative on www.belgbt.info

So join in tonight with the hashtag : #LGBTQhour on twitter tonight 8:30 to 9:30.

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