Through Gay Eyes Documentary needs your support

Connor Crosby (director) and Debra Fowler (producer) are thrilled to announce the second Kickstarter for Through Gay Eyes, a short documentary film that aims to promote equality through the voices and stories of people in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community.

Through Gay Eyes Documentary
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This Kickstarter, which has a goal of $16,345, was set up to raise funds for the post-production process of Through Gay Eyes.

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This includes fees for things like:

• Hiring a professional music composer to craft a unique film score.
• Having the audio adjusted and mixed to perfection.
• Getting a color grader to adjust the color scheme to fit the tone of the film.
• Giving us the opportunity to enter “Through Gay Eyes” into numerous film festivals around the world.

To find out more information about the fundraiser, visit the Kickstarter page:

About the Film

Through Gay Eyes sat down with individuals of different ages, races, and sexuality to hear their story and let them have a voice. This documentary wrestles with a child’s reticence regarding having same-sex parents, whether to share one’s identity with their students, conflicts that result from religious affiliation, and the repercussions of being open. Through Gay Eyes will prompt the audience to think about the depth of the word “gay,” and just how far “out of the closet” is safe.

How long will it take to rid ourselves of the tag “gay?” This film is looking into the future. Through Gay Eyes sees the parent, not the gay parent. Through Gay Eyes sees the Christian, not the gay Christian.

Through Gay Eyes sees the teacher, not the gay teacher. As the audience experiences these individuals in their most raw and vulnerable moments, it is clear that their desire to contribute to society and be a part of a family is at the core of what each of us desire as human beings.

Through Gay Eyes explores how vulnerability and courage can promote social and moral evolution.

Loving the same gender should not diminish one’s humanity or access to equal rights.

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