BBC show from the dark ages or Uganda

The BBC has admitted that it "got it wrong" about a live quiz show which discussed "curing" Clare Balding of homosexuality, on Radio 5 live.

BBC Radio 5 Live
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The comments were made during a game called Defend the Indefensible as part of the show Fighting Talk, broadcast at 20:30 BST on Saturday.

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One panellist, the comedian Bob Mills, suggested “there is not a woman in the world who cannot be cured”.

The BBC has apologised for any offence the item may have caused.

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First, shame on you BBC.

This homophobic garbage are we paying TV licence for ?

This is to easy BBC, this shouldn’t had happen at all! BBC should have so much quality checks that everyone working for BBC or are guests of BBC, should be aware that kind behaviour is not accepted in any form.

With the attitude “no woman that can’t be cured’ from homosexuality” – it’s like saying the reason some women are lesbians is because the haven’t met a “real man”: I’m thinking is this a rerun of a show from the dark ages or is it a show from homophobic Uganda.

Yes I’m offended and the apology is not accepted !

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